Simply45® Pass Through RJ45 Series

Simply45® is the industry-leading brand for RJ45 modular plug innovation and performance solutions. Simply45® offers you the best RJ45 termination solutions for today’s twisted pair cabling installations.

Please find below in the online store our Simply45® Pass Through RJ45 modular plug product line. Our Simply45® ProSeries Pass Through RJ45 Modular Plugs are groundbreaking and the most innovative and installer-friendly pass through RJ45 modular plugs on the market today.

Each product detail page provides more information about each item including specifications and sales sheets.

Please be aware that most Simply45® Pass Through RJ45 Modular Plugs accommodate both solid and stranded LAN cables. For example, our part S45-1500 is ideal for both solid Cat5e and for making your own patch leads for Cat5e and Cat6 stranded wires.

To learn more about the innovative RJ45 features that are only available at Simply45®, please visit our Product Lines section click here.